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How It Works

If your flight has been delayed, cancelled or overbook you may be entitled to compensation, under EU regulations. How much depends on the distance of your flight and length of your delay but in general this is between €400 and €600 per Passenger.

You can always attempt to contact the airlines direct to claim compensation as they are legally bound to assist. However we’ve found after speaking to many of our clients it’s highly likely they will refuse your claim. This is where Flight Delay Specialists can help. We have a team of dedicated specialists and solicitors to help fight your case. In addition we work hard to look after & nurture our relationships with the airlines. In the event they should they refuse your claim, we would prepare and proceed to take your case to court at no extra cost.

Once we have agreed to take on your case and you’re happy for us to do so, we require signed documentation to act on your behalf. The rest of your claim we deal with on a NO WIN NO FEE agreement. Should we win your case we will charge a 25% fee, we will generally deduct this from your compensation. To find out if you are entitled to claim with no obligation click the link below and fill out your details. Flight Delay Specialists will assess and verify your claim then get back to you as quickly as possible with a decision.

01 – Your Details

Enter your details onto our online form and one of our agents will contact you back within two hours (during normal our office hours) and let you know if you have a valid claim. Alternately if you want an answer straight away call 0161 983 0000 our office hours are 9.30am to 7.30pm. Outside of these hours you can use our online chat.

02 – The Paper Work

If we accept your case and you’re happy for us to do act on your behalf we require you to sign and return your paperwork then we can start to contact the airlines. After this Flight Delay Specialists will manage the whole process on your behalf. Our team of dedicated specialists and appointed solicitors will look after every aspect of your claim until we have a final decision.

03 – The Legal Process

Once Flight Delay Specialists receive your signed Letter of Authority (LOA) and Terms of Engagement we can start acting on your behalf. We then start to gather all of the evidence and documentation required to submit your claim. Where you cannot supply the evidence we will make the necessary enquiries and where possible request duplicate copies, this may be used for your Flight Delay claim. After the case has been submitted to the airline the majority of them will defend the claim and we then start the process of litigation. During this time we may ask additional questions or contact you to see if you remember particular facts surrounding your airport visit and subsequent Flight Delay.

There are a number of airlines who insist that the claim is submitted by an SRA registered solicitor, we instruct our solicitors on your behalf and they will contact you direct. There are no additional charges for this service and it will continue to be on a NO WIN NO FEE basis. We have a dedicated legal team and solicitors who will take care of all the litigation. We will keep you informed of any key changes during the process.
Of course you are always welcome to claim direct with the airlines.

04 – No Win No Fee

We operate on a No Win No Fee We operate on a true NO WIN NO FEE basis. We will not charge any upfront fees. Our fees are taken from the compensation we receive on your behalf or if you receive compensation direct from the airline then you MUST inform us immediately and Flight Delays Specialists will issue you with an invoice for our services. Our fee is set out within our terms and conditions and is subject to VAT.

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