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How to prevent a flight from hell

Each year we scrupulously plan our annual holiday, organising everything down to the last detail to avoid any muck-ups. It is, for most, the one time to look forward to, where suits are swapped for swimwear and coffee for cocktails. But, no matter how much effort you put into making your holiday hassle-free, sometimes it’s inevitable that there will be issues, from flight delays to lost baggage. To help you avoid the stress of air travel, try these top five tips:

1. Wear comfy clothes

You may want to look good for the first day of your holiday, but think twice before donning your tight trousers and leather jacket – you could regret this if you have a long flight ahead of you or you’ve been delayed. Although flight delay specialists are brilliant for helping you receive compensation, they can’t, unfortunately, give you a new outfit when you are stuck at an airport for hours.

2. Take earplugs with you

Whether you have noisy snorers sitting next to you or screaming children who can be heard from the opposite end of the plane, don’t let them ruin your chance to sleep or read a good book on the plane by blocking noise altogether with a good pair of earplugs. Make sure you buy a leading brand as trying to insert cheap ear plugs and getting them to stay in your ears is a challenge you don’t want to accept.

3. Make your luggage stand out from the crowd

There’s no bigger worry than waiting at the carousel, with no sign of your suitcases. Sometimes they can look too similar and be taken by mistake, so ensure you personalise your bag with colour and decorations that give it its own identity.

4. Take enough items to occupy yourself

Whether you like reading or doing puzzles, prepare yourself against boredom on long-haul flights or during flight delays by keeping yourself amused and entertained.

5. Invest in a travel pillow

To stop you looking like a nodding dog and for a comfier travel experience all round, this item is a must-have for any traveller.

What other top tips would you share for preventing a flight from hell? Remember, if your flight has been delayed, you could be awarded flight delay compensation. Give us a call today to discuss your flight delay claim.

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