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Flying with little ones can be a nerve-wracking experience, with everything from flight delays to toddler tantrums mid-flight causing stress! However, our tips will help you to prepare for a calm and enjoyable flight experience that everyone enjoys.

1. Read the small print

Every airline has a different rule when it comes to flying with babies and children. These include fees for buggies, travel cots and booster seats, and rules about the age at which a child must occupy his own seat (usually over the age of two).

2. Preparation is key

If being a parent has taught you one thing, it’s that preparation is key. Make sure you have a big bag packed with all essentials and sufficient overnight items in your hand luggage for any emergency, such as if your flight has been delayed. Write a checklist and include wet wipes, food, bottles, drinks and snacks, trusty Calpol, nappy bags, a change of clothes and so forth. Small toys are useful distractions too.

3. Remember pull-ups

Even if your toddler is toilet trained, the excitement of a first-time flight can cause accidents. So include convenient pull-ups in your bag and plenty of wet wipes. The latter can be used to freshen everyone up!

4. Brush up on your games

It’s not possible to carry lots of games with you, so swot up on simple variations on games such as iSpy, card games or imaginative storytelling games.

5. Opt for a backpack

A backpack makes for perfect hand luggage as it keeps your hands free. Get all members of the family to use them and you can link up hands or easily carry smaller members of the travelling party.

6. Allow plenty of time

Check in early so that you aren’t stressed and frantic before the flight – children will pick up on this and start to act up. Plan ahead so that you can all enjoy your adventure.

7. Have plenty of toilet breaks

Little ones can get over-excited and forget that they need to go to the toilet! So schedule in regular visits on the flight. It’s a great way to get them to stretch their legs too and enjoy different sights.

8. Bring a plane treat bag

Why not create small bags of fun for children on the flight? Include small things such as mini Lego, crayons and pads, snacks, sweets and other small and quiet things that can keep them occupied!

9. Remember cuddly toys

Smaller children can get over-tired and upset, so remember to bring their favourite cuddly toys for a reassuring snuggle on the flight. Ask the flight attendant for a soft blanket too to wrap small people in when it all gets a bit too much!

10. Dress for comfort

Infants and children are best dressed in soft and comfortable layers for a flight. Layer up so that you can adjust their clothing as the temperature changes. Big hooded jumpers are great for helping children stay cosy when it’s a bit draughty and to encourage them to sleep.

What other top tips would you share for flying with kids? Remember, if your flight has been delayed and you’ve been travelling with young children, you could have a case for flight delay compensation. Give us a call today.

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